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What I’m Listening Too: Emanny “I’m Out (F*CK YOU B*TCH)”

Download Here

On August 17th, Emanny will be performing at SOB’s in New York City for Singersroom Rnb Sol Village hosted by EricRoberson

What I’m Listening To: 730 Camp “G-Side Story 2.5”

New 730 Camp Mixtape Featuring Coach Cap and Mr.Sumz

Download Here

Coach Cap’s new mixtape Play This In Your Ipod

Download Play This In Your Ipod On Datpiff or Click here

Welcome To Cappyland is officially here!!!!!!!!!


NEW MUSIC!!!!!!!!

New Remixes off of the “My 2cents” project coming in August. “The World According To Me” Coming  in october

Super Gone
Nothin on you Remix
Exhibit C Remix
All The Way Turned up Remix
Find Your Love Remix
O’ Let’s Do It Remix

Coach Cap “House Party” Video

Take Your Shirt Off (Remix) T-Pain Feat. Coach Cap

A mixtape before the mixtape

I’ve had a little situation that’s been keeping me from recording and writing for the past month and a half so when I was suppose to be working on “The World According To Me” I wasn’t. But in the past 3 days I’ve been doing remixes to a lot of songs and I noticed its the same thing I was doing when I started “Eargasm” (hmmmm could it almost be time to work on “Eargasm 2”?)

Since I’m messing around with all these song and doing remixes and I have a few remixes I did from when I started the first “Eargasm” mixtape, I figured i’ll put them all together as one project to hold everyone over til I release the world according to me. So in the next couple of weeks I’ll be Releasing ” If You Like it I Love It: My 2 Cents” .
Hope everyone enjoys what I’m putting out and everything else I plan on releasing.

Finally I have a title for the new mixtape!!

The World According To Me, that’s the title of my upcoming mixtape. Why because it fits the music lol. The songs on this project were just my thoughts and feelings during the time most of the material was recorded. All of the song were written at different points in my life where i felt a lot of negativity towards whatever was going on with me at the time, but even tho the songs are a little dark the music is good. This is the total opposite of what Eargasm is. Eargasm was more about celebrating life and having fun and The World According To Me is sort of picking up where Eargasm ended.If Eargasm was the party then this new project is what you feel when u get home from the partying , the drinking ,the smoking and the girls, this project is a snap back into reality…. mostly MY reality but im pretty sure people will be able to relate.I haven’t picked a day to release it yet but it’s coming soon very very soon. Until then check out Eargasm until you can finllay hear The World According To Me.

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What a new Mixtape?????

So I’m going through my itunes listening to some beats and a few songs i started and i came across a lot of music that has just been sitting for a while.Gave Sumz a call and said “hey dude guess what?” and he says “what?” and i say ” I have like a whole album worth of material ready to go!!!” and he says “word lets put its out” and I say ” Dude i was totally thinking the same fucking thing!” (not our exact words but u get the picture right?).

So now in a few weeks or less or more who knows how much of a perfectionist I’ll be with this project but it will be released as soon as possible (thanks for the green light wumzy). I have a few titles in mind but not really sure which one I’m gonna go with. I know I’ve been talking about working on Eargasm 2 ever since i drop the first installment of Eargasm in march but this is not eargasm 2 so you guys will be waiting a while for that hahahahahahahaha. stay tuned people I’ll definitely have a new song off of this project up by the end of the week. Until then tell a friend to tell a friend to tell 10 friends to check out Eargasm they can download it for free @

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