A mixtape before the mixtape

I’ve had a little situation that’s been keeping me from recording and writing for the past month and a half so when I was suppose to be working on “The World According To Me” I wasn’t. But in the past 3 days I’ve been doing remixes to a lot of songs and I noticed its the same thing I was doing when I started “Eargasm” (hmmmm could it almost be time to work on “Eargasm 2”?)

Since I’m messing around with all these song and doing remixes and I have a few remixes I did from when I started the first “Eargasm” mixtape, I figured i’ll put them all together as one project to hold everyone over til I release the world according to me. So in the next couple of weeks I’ll be Releasing ” If You Like it I Love It: My 2 Cents” .
Hope everyone enjoys what I’m putting out and everything else I plan on releasing.

About Coach Cap

I'm a Dj, Producer, Songwriter, and Rap Artist From Jamaica Queens ny. I also have my own company along with my good friend and business partner Mr.Sumz . I created this blog so that all of my supporters can see whats new with me, check out new music and videos and just see whats coming up next from Coach Cap

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