Finally I have a title for the new mixtape!!

The World According To Me, that’s the title of my upcoming mixtape. Why because it fits the music lol. The songs on this project were just my thoughts and feelings during the time most of the material was recorded. All of the song were written at different points in my life where i felt a lot of negativity towards whatever was going on with me at the time, but even tho the songs are a little dark the music is good. This is the total opposite of what Eargasm is. Eargasm was more about celebrating life and having fun and The World According To Me is sort of picking up where Eargasm ended.If Eargasm was the party then this new project is what you feel when u get home from the partying , the drinking ,the smoking and the girls, this project is a snap back into reality…. mostly MY reality but im pretty sure people will be able to relate.I haven’t picked a day to release it yet but it’s coming soon very very soon. Until then check out Eargasm until you can finllay hear The World According To Me.

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About Coach Cap

I'm a Dj, Producer, Songwriter, and Rap Artist From Jamaica Queens ny. I also have my own company along with my good friend and business partner Mr.Sumz . I created this blog so that all of my supporters can see whats new with me, check out new music and videos and just see whats coming up next from Coach Cap

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