What a new Mixtape?????

So I’m going through my itunes listening to some beats and a few songs i started and i came across a lot of music that has just been sitting for a while.Gave Sumz a call and said “hey dude guess what?” and he says “what?” and i say ” I have like a whole album worth of material ready to go!!!” and he says “word lets put its out” and I say ” Dude i was totally thinking the same fucking thing!” (not our exact words but u get the picture right?).

So now in a few weeks or less or more who knows how much of a perfectionist I’ll be with this project but it will be released as soon as possible (thanks for the green light wumzy). I have a few titles in mind but not really sure which one I’m gonna go with. I know I’ve been talking about working on Eargasm 2 ever since i drop the first installment of Eargasm in march but this is not eargasm 2 so you guys will be waiting a while for that hahahahahahahaha. stay tuned people I’ll definitely have a new song off of this project up by the end of the week. Until then tell a friend to tell a friend to tell 10 friends to check out Eargasm they can download it for free @ http://www.doejones.org

About Coach Cap

I'm a Dj, Producer, Songwriter, and Rap Artist From Jamaica Queens ny. I also have my own company along with my good friend and business partner Mr.Sumz . I created this blog so that all of my supporters can see whats new with me, check out new music and videos and just see whats coming up next from Coach Cap

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