Everything you need to know about COACH CAP'S EARGASM

Eargasm has been released and so far I’ve been getting a very good
response from it which makes me feel great and also makes me want to
work harder on Eargasm 2 (The Capstravaganza).Theres been a few
questions asked about the project so if figured i’ll use this post to
answer them and also give some information about the songs.

1. Whats the meaning behind Eargasm?
one of the best feelings in the world? An orgasm right? well in the
world of Coach Cap and eargasm is basicly the best sounds that you can
ever hear, music that takes you to a place that makes you feel better
than you’ve ever felt before .

2. Is Eargasm an album or a mixtape?
It’s a mixtape with an album format (if that makes any sense to you),
just doesnt have the traditional signs of a mixtape like a dj talking
over the songs or the 200 bar freestyles.

Now That i have the questions out the way lol heres a breakdown of most of the songs

Get it-
produced by my boy Karon is about a year old just talking about gettin
money and balling out (typical rapper shit lol) i felt this was the
best song to start off Eargasm just because of the Energy of it i might
start off all my shows with this song too.

Doe Boyz Parts 1 and 2
– Part 1 is basicly me introducing myself to the world and seperating
myself from most hip-hop artist , while most artist want to be the king
of this or the dopest rapper alive , i just wanna be know or making
good music and not be compared to any one else in the industry. Part 2
is just me having fun with one of my favorite instrumentals and letting
the world know “THE DOE BOYZ IS IN THE BUILDING” nuff said!!!!

Dance with me feat/Mr.Sumz and K.N.S-
This song was actually for another project i had an idea for to just
take old songs and sort of remake them (then 50 cent put out the
sincerly yours southside mixtape). I wanted to make songs my mother and
my grandmoms could listen too and feel good about , the original song
which is by Marvin Gaye is just so fucking awsome i had to put my 2
cents in on it and invite 2 of my favorite artist to work with along
for the ride.

Turn my swag on-
I know every rapper under the sun is on this song now but i heard the
original around october when i was having a really fucked up day and it
actually made me feel good when i heard it (i dont care what you think
about soulja boy i like some of his shit), so i said to myself “self
you should fuck around with the song and see what u come up with, so i
pulled up auto tune and never looked back.

This is just one of my favorite songs off of one of my favorite albums
of ’08, first heard this beat on a zune comercial then when i heard the
song i just had to do it over put my twist on it.

Whats your phone #-
I’m a huge prince fan and this record by Morris day and the Time is
just for lack of better words FUCKING ASWOME , I was introduced to the
record thru the 2pac version off of the All eyes on me album that was
my favorite song and one day in BBQ’s in Times square as im eating the
original is playing soon as i got home i hit lime wire and the rest is

Drop my hooch-
a remake of T-pains chopped and screwed 2 stories of being in the club
and hating to spill your cup. Just and excuse to continue my love of
auto-tune and to talk about my love of alcohol

Can’t deny feat/ Emanny and Mr.sumz-
This is a song we recorded awhile ago its actually a remix to my boy
Emanny’s song (I think he’s one of the most talented R&B artist
signed or unsigned don’t belive me google him) it just fit so well with
the direction i was going with Eargasm.

I gotta know feat/ Tori-
Produce by me always wanted to sample it and make it my own got my boy
Tori on it a few drinks and we came up with something great.

Give it to me-
Produced by me with my boy K.N.S on the hook this song just came out of
a regular day chilling in the studio i had the beat and the verses done
and boy came thru on the hook for me.

MY ode to reciving oral sex lol this is actually an old Dj Paul song
that me and a few of my friends really liked and i just had to update
it with some of my experiences.

In your hands-
Produced by my boy Blackmale, when he emailed this to me it was exactly
what i was looking for , it’s a story of boy meets girl, boy likes
girl, girl likes boy, girl puts guard up , boy sticks around , girl
pushes boy away, boy goes away lol. And im singing the hook with no

Making my way downtown-Produced
by Kojo , this is one of my favorites and one of my most fun songs to
work on because of the parts from white girls in the begining and end
and because i just get to tell a story that almost every guy can relate

Don’t take it personal-
If your a child of the 80’s then ya momma was probably playing the
original around the house by Jermaine Jackson. This has to be on of the
illest break up songs of all times. This is another song the woman in
my family can listen to without being surprised at what i said lol.

Promise Parts 1 and 2 feat/ Kimsaisa-
Produced by me this song almost didn’t make the project because some
vocals needed to be done over and i couldn’t get my home girl kim to
come thru and re-record them but she came thru for me in the clutch and
finished her vocals on part 1. Part 2 came as i was mixing and adding
sounds to the beat for part one and the more sounds i added i just
started hearing another song so i put it all together and came out with
what is my favorite song on the project mainly because someone
important in my life inspired the lyrics.

Flashing lights-
The love story of me and my long time girlfriend HIP-HOP. I wrote this
on a day where i felt like giving up and it made me realize how much i
love my music and how much it loves me.

Day N Nite
– One of my favorite songs from my favorite new artist i had to put my
spin on this. This is exactly how me and a few people i know end up on
weekends. I was told by one person that im writing the soundtrack to
our lives lol and this is a prime example of it.

Some day –
This is the last song recorded for eargasm and it’s the most personal
just me expressing my feelings on life and where i want to be some day.

Never have 2 worry-
They say the first shall be last and this was actually the first song i
recorded for eargasm , i’ve come up with alot of different artist some
more hungy than others and most of the time i hear the same things ” we
gotta get on” or ” this is our year” but most of those people would
rather waste time bullshitting instead of doing what they have to do to
be successful, this is just me addressing that in hopes that some of
these really talented people i know that are wasting they’re talent
will wake the hell up.

All of the skits were done at the last
minute with all my friends around just laughing drinking and having a
good time . Special thanks to Splash, Tori, Sean, Sumz, Lena, Yanni and
Michelle for helping bring the fun out on eargasm

In closing i hope u all enjoy the mixtape as much as i enjoyed making it and i promise to do my best to keep making great music.

About Coach Cap

I'm a Dj, Producer, Songwriter, and Rap Artist From Jamaica Queens ny. I also have my own company along with my good friend and business partner Mr.Sumz . I created this blog so that all of my supporters can see whats new with me, check out new music and videos and just see whats coming up next from Coach Cap

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